Tony Brown: In between living and dying

His bed was the street, his dream was a family. An orphan´s desperate search for a home.


Tony was born in a North Carolina prison. His story continues exactly as it began: tragically. All he wants is a home. At the age of three he is adopted by the Brown family together with another boy. But even here he does not find a loving home. He is beaten again and again, which he endures patiently. So long, until the social welfare office gets him out at the age of 11 and brings him to an orphanage. But with that his way is marked out. At the age of 18 Tony ends up on the streets of the rich town Chapel Hill and sleeps under the rocks in the forest, his only refuge from the police and dangerous punk gangs. To stay afloat, he sells drugs that he consumes himself. Whenever he asks for shelter, the door is slammed in his face until he sees only one way out of the enormous misery: Suicide. But that doesn’t happen because his life takes a dramatic turn …

CHF 20.00